Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror
I was lucky enough to see this movie on opening day, and I'm so glad I did! In brief, it's a modern "twist" on the classic Snow White story. (The main twist being that Snow White ends up saving the prince.) But there are plenty more... you will not get bored! :) One aspect I loved about this movie was that there is a "price for using magic," which the Queen keeps ignoring. Most movies that involve magic don't bother with the subject. Everything has a consequence, and magic is no exception. The dwarves are not what you'd expect, either. This is a refreshing twist. While their names still tell about their individual characters, they're almost nothing like the cartoon dwarves. An emotional aspect is brought into play during the story as well, where we learn why they act the way they do. (I don't want to give too much away, so just go see the movie!)

Overall, the movie was super funny, yet it still had serious themes interwoven throughout (such as Snow White's and the dwarves' backstories). There is a definite darkness always lurking in the background, but the humor does a wonderful job of lightening it to the point where you just "go along with it." We all know how the story goes anyway, right? (Well, a few things are turned around, but the basic gist is the same.) I know any parents and grandparents out there are wondering whether it's kid friendly. I would say yes, but maybe not for the really small kids. There aren't any bad words, no violence, and anything bad that happens-- for the most part-- is accompanied by laugh-out-loud antics. The reason I say not really little kids is only because they might not be able to follow the story very well; the movie gave a feel of being directed toward a more mature audience, even though it was clean enough to be a family movie. There's enough humor that the entire family should come out of it having some favorite scene which made them laugh aloud. (Mine involves some life-size puppets...) :) I end my review with an enthusiastic recommendation: if you've been tossing the idea around in your head whether or not to see this movie, GO SEE IT!!! It will be well worth your time!

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