Act of Valor

Act of Valor
I had the unique opportunity to see this film 2 years before it's commercial release due to some Navy Duty I was tending to. Before all of the computer & TV images, digital type on the screen during scene changes, music and all the other "Hollywood" stuff was added. It was basically an action-packed film about possible current-day events and incorporating some true events that real SEALs have faced. When the movie ended, I was in awe. I had the opportunity to meet "Mouse" McKoy and listen to how this story was developed and how the SEALs had direct input on the Operations & story portrayed.

Since that time, I had been looking forward to the release of this film to the big screen. I took my family to see it and all were impressed. I was doubly-impressed after viewing it with the added graphics & soundtrack, etc. I was even more impressed by the audience at the end of the movie. There was no cheering or hooting & hollering. Instead, it was as if each one of them held a reverence for the everyday sacrifices that the SEALs and other Military men & women make for our country.

Critics are critics. Of course they'll find something to fault with the movie, that's their job. It doesn't surprise me that they don't like the acting... cuz these guys were the real deal. I'll take a dozen SEALs over 1 actor ANY DAY. C'est Livre. This is a great movie1 20x better than the false "Navy SEALs" of 1990 era. THAT was terrible acting and a crap movie. God Bless the SEALs for being able to do what they do and their families that support and wait for them.

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