I am a 30-something person who enjoys and has had much contact, and even temporarily lived with the kind of free-living people featured in the movie, and I think this homage is pure genius! I usually don't think much of the two main actors at all (Rudd or Aniston), but they were good in this movie. The hippie ensemble is absolutely perfect. Just loved this movie and if you have a love for these counter-culture types, you will probably find it to be harmless fun; a good-humored poke at hippies. The film takes every cliche about hippies ever and squeezes them into the commune characters, but it's ok because it's self-aware that's it's just a movie; it's actually not trying to be offensive to "hippies" but in an odd way it celebrates them in a loving way! My boyfriend agrees, we both know people like the ones on the commune and believe the film presents them as sincere idealists.

Overall, the whole movie is light, fun, is full of memorable moments and characters, has some lowbrow humor scenes (but not as overt as other movies), and has a more unique storyline than the average comedy. Like the two main characters, I appreciate that counter culture, but can't live in it full time. Usually I can't abide "raunchy" movies, but this one is actually sweet. The lowbrow humor is more about the incredible openness of the people versus the overwhelming private-ness of the outsiders, which is a very funny juxtaposition!

The movie is optimistic, wacky, and perhaps a bit too graphic (nudity, etc., but mostly in a non-sexual way). Are you offended by briefly watching old nudists (in a non-sexual scene)? Really? Haven't you ever seen male genitalia before? The nudity would be essential to telling the story of such a community (of which there are hundreds across America), so I don't believe it to be gratuitous in this case. These people really exist out there; I've met people like pretty much all the characters or bits of them and THEY have zero shame or weirdness about being naked (but of course, WE feel weird about it, hence the comedy). It's just how they are, so it's all plausible.

Some interesting flaws of the unexamined, materialistic life are pointed out throughout the film, such as how the brother basically deals with excrement to buy fancy things, like a big house--a metaphor for how the main character (and we) all live working "shoveling poop" or working at a hateful job just to buy "stuff" that makes us miserable anyway; so it's not 100% fluff--there is a message behind the laughs. I thought the movie got funny and wackier as it progressed, with a ridiculous ending to an incredulous story. Why does anyone want a realistic ending to a silly movie? Perhaps people are too uptight with their expectations. I especially liked how the Aniston and Rudd characters change because of their experience on the farm. I would definitely recommend watching this if you are in a playful and open mood.

I would definitely caution prudish, mainstream, or materialistic types from watching this movie--it's not for the uptight! I also don't think this movie is actually as "raunchy" as viewers might expect it to be. I typically can't stand Rudd or Aniston, yet I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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