Get The Gringo

Get The Gringo
Academy Award Winner Mel Gibson steals the show -- and anything else he can get his hands on -- in this explosive, nonstop thrill ride packed with equal parts action and attitude! A career criminal (Gibson) pulls off the heist of a lifetime, but his getaway plans go south of the border when a high-speed car chase lands him in a hard-core Mexican prison community known as "El Pueblito."

this was a great action packed over the top movie. for me, this would have been a part 2 to 'payback'. in this film he is a thief and he also narrates as the film goes on. mel starts the movie with a gr8 chase from the law that winds him in the toughest of situations. he must use his street smarts and his talents as his tools to survive. this was a straight to dvd film which feels more like a big screen blockbuster to me. evrything was well acted, lots of black humor and action. a great film for the old school mel gibson action fan. mel goes back to his roots and proves to us all that he still has it!!!

This film was great art, from any perspective. From the theme to the dialogue it was a great conception and a skillful writing. The directing, casting and venue/sets were spot on. A strong subject with strong acting. This will be a watch-again film for me.

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