The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges
I am a die hard fan of the stooges. I heard that this was a good movie from another fan. He was right, I loved it! They did it up well. Not over the top. A very nice and loving tribute to the orginals.. a high five to all involved in the making of this film. The only thing I did not like were the cast of the Jersey shore. I can not stand those guys.Enough of them already!! But they did have a small part. And I would like to poke them in the eyes too, like Moe did. So I got a laugh at it when he did. The move was very good. A feel good movie.

I was fortunate enough to get to watch The Three Stooges shorts everyday as a kid. One thing that others have not mentioned, is that even the Original Three Stooges did not make very good movies. This however is a good movie once you get over it not actually being the real Moe, Larry, and of course the real Curly. The entire cast from the Director down did a good job on this one, and I can't see giving it anything but a great review.

My 6 yr old son got some chuckles out of the movie from the slapshtick, and my wife, who is a foreigner got some serious laughing. I was amazed she caught a lot of the humor and got a kick out of the Stooges. But I remember the original guys and this was so close to that humor. I was laughing so hard through most of this, and tears running down my eyes. You had to be quick to read a lot of the signs used in the segments. Part of today's humor mixed in. Nothing horribly offensive. The end of the Three Stooges, there is disclaimer about how they poke the eyes and hit each other with a hammer. I am pre-ordering this to show as an outdoor movie night with some friends.

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