This 2009 film, with two Golden Globe nominations, addresses a current US problem, with proper sensitivity and excellent acting. In 2007, Captain Sam Cahill is preparing to leave for his fourth tour of duty with the marines in Afghanistan. His brother has just been released from jail for committing rape. The two brothers are very close, but their father, an ex-marine sergeant, a veteran of Vietnam, considers Sam a hero and his bother Tommy a failure.

While in Afghanistan, Sam's plane is shot down, the military assumes that he is killed, and informs his wife and two daughters that he is dead. However, he is not killed. He and a private are captured by Taliban soldiers and tossed and held for months into a dismal hole. Sam does all he can to persuade the private not to give in to the Taliban. He is firm for months. But the two are tortured repeatedly and horribly and Sam is forced by the Taliban to kill the private.

Back at home, his brother Tommy, well-meaning, changes his wasteful personality and does all he can to help Sam's wife. He remodels her kitchen and other parts of her house. He helps her, encourages her, and makes her and her daughters laugh. He goes to the woman he assaulted and begs her pardon. Sam's wife is impressed. After smoking dope together and having a drink, she kisses him. One kiss.

After months, Sam is rescued. He can hardly talk when the marines take him from his hole. When he comes home, it is clear that he is traumatized. He asks his brother about his wife: "Did you f**k her? Tell me. I understand. I forgive you." He also blows up at his wife saying that she has been sleeping with Tommy. He yells at his kids. He tells his colonel that his family does not understand him.

What will happen between Sam's wife and his brother? Can Sam be helped? Can he improve his relationship with his wife, Tommy, his two daughters, and his father? What will be the relationship between him and the wife of the private that he killed? Was he a hero? What is a hero?

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