American Reunion '12

American Reunion '12
Well, I am 25 now, and for awhile I've been struggling with some feelings concerning the things I used to like not being relative or popular anymore, moving onto new hobbies and leaving other things I was constantly into behind, having a broader view on many different subjects, having different opinions on things that I used to feel a certain way about, etc. To put it mildly, I am growing up. I've realized it's important to hold onto things from your past, but you also have to be ready, both feet planted on the ground and facing forward, for the future and what it brings as life continuously changes. To live in the past is death, and I feel that this movie perfectly sums up my feelings and gives them a voice.

I was expecting way more off color jokes, but this movie was SURPRISINGLY deep to me. If you are a warm blooded male, you can remember a time when chasing women was a main reason for living at one point...which has pretty much been the backbone of the American Trilogy...Hey, Stiffler and Finch, were all about Cadence in "American Wedding" despite Jim and Michelle tying the note being the big deal in that film. But here the tone is DRASTICALLY changed. The boys are still themselves, but older. New challenges arise, as they do with any grown man who is heading into adulthood and away from the care-free days of being a teenager or young adult in their early 20's.

Also, Jim's mom being dead (I hope I didn't spoil this, but I assume we all saw the previews) and the challenges faced by Jim's father, Noah, in moving on also struck a cord with me ( I lost my mother this year) and gave this film a "REAL" feeling. So we not only saw, young thirty somethings dealing with the loss of youth and the expectations of adulthood, but we also witnessed an elderly man recovering from the heart break of losing the love of his life and the mother of his son. (SOMETHING ANY MARRIED PERSON WHO STICKS IT OUT UNTIL THE END WILL UNFORTUNATELY COME TO ONE DAY)

Most of all, I think the challenges faced by the boys (I mean, men) in their marriages and dealing with their relationships struck the deepest with me because they were authentic problems I think all adult males will run into some of them, at some point in their lives. How they were all handled though, came off as beautiful to me. Watch Vicki's and Kevin's scene at the actual reunion, towards the end of the film, and tell me you don't feel your heart get tugged at a smidge, if not a lot, at the dialogue and how it's finalized.

Keep an open mind and you will enjoy this. When I was young...The adults I saw in their 20's and 30's were "The Real Adults" to me. Anyone over that, was an "old person." Well, funny how things work out. I am sure kids now look up to me as "A real adult" and my father, uncles, and their friends are now "The Old people," when they used to be "The real adults"...funny how things change, but still stay the same overall...and that's the perfect way to describe this film. The tone is EXTREMELY different, but the characters are still the same, and still extremely enjoyable. As one character said in the film to another (I think it was Choir chick to Chris)..."You are so different, but you are still the same."

If you are going to see 1 movie in theaters for a long time, make it this one. Thanks for reading, and maybe bring some kleenex, if you are emotionally mature and inclined to being moved by well done movies.

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