The Twilight Saga 3 - Eclipse

The Twilight Saga 3 - Eclipse
While as a hostile, while between Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) can be disabled, but the problems faced by Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) apparently was not completed. The school year is almost over and the Bella must immediately make a scelta.Le hostilities between the vampire and the Wolfpack are already hundreds of years and can not be resolved, but Bella is also possible to choose between Edward and Jacob. Bella loves Edward, but he did not want to miss Jacob as a friend, while the two men in this life as if Bella could not get along. If there is anything that makes the atmosphere a bit 'quiet area just a treaty between the vampires and the Wolfpack are still held today.

At present, the atmosphere was unpleasant as this, new problems arise. Terror vampire again broke out. Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) 0 killed several inhabitants of the city of Seattle with the intention to build armies to fight the newborns Cullen family and the Wolfpack to protect Bella. Bella the war itself are also increasingly angry. He must now make a decision between the human remains or follow Edwards and turned into a vampiro.Questa is not the first time director David Slade do with vampires. The director is also working on this before the movie of this blood-sucking creature, albeit with a different tone. This time David did not just do a vampire movie, but translating the works of the popular novel by Stephenie Meyer in a visual form and is not easy work.

The two previous films are not the work of director David Slade and must make many compromises. On the one hand he must be able to bring the version of his novel as a whole for the fans of this popular novel did not upset, while on the other hand also had creativity as a director. Another problem is that there can be too much to change the tone of the two sections precedenti.Fortunatamente David good enough to concoct a variety of conditions earlier in the fourth section, Slade, entitled The Twilight Saga Eclipse. Some, like the style of the second part of the shooting from above and the use of hand-held camera that makes so much more dynamic image is maintained while the depiction of the city of Seattle, who was hit by an outbreak of vampires as an interpretation of David Slade of what they can from the experience of working on 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. Timing is feeling better the second part which has been running slow while it can not be denied if the dialogue between the players was not much different, with two films that preceded it. I do not blame just because this film was made for the consumption of teenagers who did not want a dialogue that is too heavy. And because of this third party is actually a part of the higher cost of production, then certainly its visual representation was much better than the two previous chapters.

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