The Vow

"The Vow" 2012 is a romantic drama with some comedic moments thrown in. Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum play a young married couple whose lives take a tragic fate when they suffer a car accident. McAdams's character, Paige, isn't horribly disfigured or anything like that, but she suffers brain trauma which has blocked all memory of Tatum's character Leo. Leo tries to get regain her memory by trying to have her fall in love with him again. That's the movie. These romantic dramas get manufactured every year, and I have seen hundreds of them. However, I really liked the movie.

It's true that these types of movies aren't original, but that doesn't bother me too much as long as the product is good. Like I said, I liked it primarily because Rachel and Channing were very good in the leads. It's true that perhaps the "brain trauma" aspect of the plot could have been worked a bit more, I mean Paige remembers a lot of things that you wouldn't expect someone whose had brain trauma to remember, so this part of the movie could come out as implausible to some people. However, most people who have enjoyed the film don't care about that. This is a love story first and foremost, so it's more about seeing the characters going through the motions and trying to get those magic feelings for each other again The performances are excellent. Channing and Rachel have great chemistry. The acting is never forced and the characters are believable.

Once we learn about Paige's past, we kind of understand why it's hard for her to remember Leo or at least not embrace it: Part of her life has been burdened by her overbearing father (played by Sam Neil) who doesn't quite respect her decisions, an ex-boyfriend Jeremy (Scott Speedman) who can't quite let her go, and other personal issues. Rachel McAdams plays her character well. She is pretty, nice personality, but a little unsure of herself. Tatum is good as the guy next door whose willing to put up with a lot all in the name of love. In fact, small parts of the movie are actually narrated by Leo as he tries to tell the audience what love really is. It's a nice addition to make the movie stand out a bit more from just being another movie. I liked his discussion of "moments of impact" in the film All in all it's just a nice romantic movie. Some might find some issues with the science part of the movie or say it's predictable, but it's a movie that you see to make you laugh and feel good at the end.

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