I love action movies so its hard to rate this movie because I love Gina's action scenes and really hope to see her in more movies. I also loved the supporting cast in this movie as well. So why do I have a problem. First fire the guy who picked the music for this movie. The music sucks balls omg did a proper lady like my self say that. Yes I did because that is how much I disliked the music that I risked my proper lady like self to write something my boy friend would say. You don't take an action movie and add weird creepy 70's music to it.

They took a potentially good movie and some how messed it up. First you don't know why anything is happening so instead of getting intrigue somehow you get confused which causes the movie to get boring it does not keep you engaged(plus your mind is trying to escape the weird music so you fall asleep lol) Since, you dont know what the heck happens or why as if some how the purpose got lost somewhere. You don't get engaged like you do with Bourne identity. I only mention that because while you dont know what happens in that movie in the beginning your engaged because the character has purpose he needs to find out who he is. with this movie you don't get to know who your protagonist is and so the movie gets lost somehow.

The fight scenes were nailed an awesome really done well and Gina is likable. Something went wrong in this movie and I hope they correct it because would love to see Gina come back with her in the lead or even a second but this time well done hay wire 2 this time get the director of the Avengers(Joss Whedon) he understands what we need when it comes to action Hero's. Gina ask Joss Whedon to Direct your next move you wont be disappointed and your stardom will be Born.

However, as an action Hero lover I still saw this movie for a second time just because I love me some Gina kickass action even if I had to endure some sleepy time. Please please Joss save Gina and Direct one of her next movies as long as your the writer Joss you can help her. I rated the movie higher than I should only cause I loved Gina and thinks she deserve a chance

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