Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
I'm one of the guys who buys for 3d effects 1st-plot later.Every now and then a film offers the whole package,and this was one of them.Plenty of action on the island,giant insects,lizards,electric eels,birds,ect,all in real good 3d.The Rock is so good in this movie I was surprised that his acting skills and humor have really improved.Not a dull moment, this movie moves along quickly,is interesting and visual.I gave this movie 5 stars because I honestly couldn't find a reason not to.I would say this is a movie the whole family would enjoy.For 3d lovers this is a movie to add to your collection.

This movie is an adventure of imagination. The young boy bonds with his stepfather who is brilliant and fun and they go in search of a mystery island where his grandfather lives. The South Pacific is full of sights and smells that would rock anybody into a happy place. Fish that are magenta, purple pink and tropical blue are all on the dock. They hire a loopy young acting flyer and his daughter. He owns an adventure helicopter, rickety and old but it will be part of all the excitement they encounter. They find the shangrila island with big and small animals. The underwater world is breathtaking with masses of colors and plants. A mountain of gold stands out in the distance. The hiking thru the heart of the jungle holds more visual images that are full of what anybody creative would love to have. They are living out the Jules Verne book in a way but with there own special touches. There are whirlwind storms flying all around, sparkling lakes and streams filled with shiny plants and stones, green all over lush and beautiful, everything you would wish for on a secret island. There are bees that fly, the characters jump on their backs and zoom over the plankton and planet of abundance. There is a submarine they fire up with the help of an electrical eel. This movie is full of positive energy.

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