Despicable Me

Despicable Me
I don't usually read other reviews of books and movies before I write one myself. But I was so impressed with Despicable Me, I had to read what others had to say about it. The thing about reviews, in my opinion, is that reviewers often over analyze movies. What is the point of dissecting an animated movie made for kids? It's okay to say that you just really liked a movie because it made you feel good.

I read that the movie copies other movies, has stereotyped characters and does too much to try to make you love it. As for me, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT. I don't care what the producers borrowed from other movies, if in fact they did. And I am so glad they did too much to try to make me like it. Simply put, this movie is adorable. I smiled a lot, giggled and was charmed out of my seat.

The action-packed story is about a funny-looking, Russian-accented villain named Gru (Steve Carell), who tries to outdo another villain, named Vector (Jason Segel). Gru has flashbacks about his disapproving mother (Julie Andrews) while he plot to steal the moon. The story involves 3 cuter-than-cute little girls and a whole bunch of tiny pill-capsule-looking creatures, who work for Gru in his basement laboratory. The characters in the movie are all either odd looking or darling cute. If you are sensitive to overweight people, you may be slightly offended by some of the obese characters, many of whom are mean. But you'll have to admit they are mesmerizing to watch - especially villain loan shark Mr. Perkins (Will Arnett) with his triangular-shaped head and mushy, southern-belle-talking Miss Hattie (Christen Wiig) from the adoption agency.

The youngest of the three girls in the movie, Agnes (Elsie Fisher), is so charming, she will melt your heart. Her voice and facial expressions are darling. And the little creatures who work for Gru generate a whole lot of laughter from the audience.

In the theater, when the movie was over, everyone in the audience clapped and cheered. One boy got up and danced through the credits. That's how I know it was a great movie. And unless you have no heart or are one of those over-analyzing critics, you too will cheer when you see delightful, Despicable Me.

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