Project X

Project X
Project X isn't perfect (I hate using the term "Oscar worthy" as it implies the Oscars should be taken seriously), but it certainly isn't anywhere near as bad as the rottentomatoes mafia have made it out to be. Nor is it the throw away piece of mindless entertainment that so many "positive" reviews make it sound like.

It is an exhilarating portrayal of youthful abandon; that strange, wondrous and chaotic time in our lives where we aren't quite children and not quite adults. It's about first times and loss of innocence. It's about needing to mess up, in order to learn first hand from one's young, dumb mistakes. It's about rites of passage and, most of all, the need to be noticed. To matter. To be remembered. Of course the characters go about fulfilling this need in highly irresponsible ways, with disastrous results and serious consequences. Apparently these consequences weren't Draconian enough for the more holier than thou viewers. So what. This isn't church youth group propaganda.

The dramatic and comedic elements don't feel as staged and stilted as in similar films. Also, there's a raw honesty on display that you just don't usually see in movies geared towards teens. Even classics like Superbad tend to portray teen debauchery from the neck up. Project X portrays it from the neck down, warts and all. There's no comfortable distancing here to assure the audience it's all in good fun. The audience is pulled right into the trenches along with the characters. Teenage sexual blossoming (or in this case, exploding) can be a very uncomfortable thing to watch for some. Project X's no BS, let it all hang out approach is no doubt the cause of so much critical self-righteous condemnation. This ain't American Pie. It's different. I applaud.

Also, the friendship between Thomas and Kirby was a nice touch. You don't often see male and female platonic friends in these types of movies, and it's a welcome change.

Pay no attention to the lame criticisms indicating that the film is morally bankrupt, unfunny, unoriginal or "has no plot" (I wonder if the people claiming this actually know what a plot is). Criticisms no doubt coming from the type of viewers who obligingly guzzled gallons of Dark Knight cool-aid.

This may be the most authentic, realistic portrayal of party animals running amok since I don't even know what.

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