The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight

First of all, The Dark Knight/Batman is not a super hero. He is very human who can do super hero feats. He gets hurt, and he feels real pain-physical and emotional.

Secondly, there is a love triangle-Bruce, Rachel and Harvey. Rachel is torn between her love for Bruce, her childhood sweetheart, who she knows is Batman, and Harvey who is every woman's White Knight who is fighting for truth and justice in the judicial halls of Gotham with danger and enemies on every side. Harvey is as pure as they come in true comic book lore.

Thirdly, every hero needs their personal entourage. Batman has Alfred and Lucius. Harvey has Rachel and Jim Gordon.

Fourthly, every hero needs a nemesis. The usual assortment of 30's type gangsters are for comic relief. The real nemesis, antagonist, for both Batman and Harvey Dent is the Joker, a psychotic rogue. The Joker's insanity is his genius, a pure sociopath who was abused by his father.

Fifthly, you have the citizens of Gotham who both Batman and Harvey are pledged to protect, even though, there are moments when you wonder why since truth and justice to the citizenry is great as long as they don't have to sacrifice themselves for it. This film shows human nature at its worst and its best.

Sixthly, the noble elements of morality, friendship, love, and sacrifice have their part in a saga which plays out in the lives projected on the screen before us. Like a Greek tragedy we are shocked and silently weep for the heroes as they march to their fate, predestined by the gods for their own amusements.

The Dark Knight is a dark, disturbing piece of film fiction. Children would find the images haunting their sub consciences for decades to come. It is an intense film which brings a number of motifs together in a cohesive script.

All great stories share elements of triumph and tragedy. A hero's personal lost can take many forms. Both Batman and Harvey react differently to their mutual lost.

The ideal hero is not always the hero presented to the public. One classic example of this is THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE. Sometimes, the lie is more important than the truth.

In the end Batman makes an unalterable decision like Harvey Dent. Batman's ultimate sacrifice for Gotham City is a testament that sometimes a hero must become the villain for the greater good.

Jim Gordon becomes the bridge between the truth and the lie of these two true human heroes.

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