Batman Begins

Batman Begins
I've been avoiding much of Holleywood's latest productions due to so many predictable stories, politically-driven plots, and mediocre acting so I did not catch this one in theatres. I probably would not even have rented it if my son had not begged me to do so. I am sooooo glad now that I've seen it. I'm blown away... this is not only the best Batman movie out there but one of the top five best action/adventure movies I've ever seen!! I bought a copy through Amazon before even finishing the DVD.

Batman has always been one of my favorite superheros but one that has rarely been well captured on screen. He's basically a regular, more-or-less everyday guy who works out a lot and has some cool gadgets; sort of brooding James Bond in a mask and cape. This movie starts out by showing how he learned and perfected his martial arts skills. It really captures the soul of the Dark Knight. Christian Bale is a perfect choice to play this character. I can't say enough positive things about this approach, it's exactly how I have always pictured the character.

The pacing nears perfection, the action is gripping and extremely well choreographed, the acting is top rate, the writing is fantastic, and the cinematography is outstanding. Rarely is a known story done so originally and well. I love the depth of the characters, the splashes of humor, and the low-key but everpresent moral undertones. It's neither preachy nor over the top. And, despite the fact that we all have a pretty good idea of the plot it is surprisingly original. Oh, and it's got Liam Neesan with a sword too; what more could you want ;-)

I am also very impressed with how they show Gotham being very much like any large US city today yet demonstrate in a realistic and believable manner how a masked superhero and fantastic villians can fit in that context. I really hope this cast/crew/director hook-up again for a sequal as the calling card at the end perhaps suggests.
Fantastic; heartily recommended!

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