War Horse

War Horse
In an age where nothing is innocent anymore, but everything is way out of control and corrupt, I found this sappy, sentimental movie to be very refreshing and entertaining. No cursing, and no bloody violence(for a change) made for a very relaxed viewing experience. And, I love happy endings - especially because happy endings are also hard to come by in this crazy world. Let me enjoy a little fantasy. Indulge me. There is entirely too much "reality" these days. Plus the movie really ends up implying - surprisingly - that war is indeed a racket. Yay! I could go on, but I've had a long day. Suffice it to say, I first saw this on VUDU, but liked it so much that I ordered the blu ray. Can't wait for the sequel. :) By the way, the picture and sound quality of the movie are hard to beat.

As a lover of all horses, and horse movies I loved this movie. Although sad ( I cried all the way through ) the beauty of the movie, the story behind Joey and the ending was just fablous.. A great story about the war and how horses played such a big part, and about a horse that had a heart of gold and all the lives Joey affected... The soundtrack was superior as well- My favorite new movie- I get tears thinking about it! ( I know sad but true

I am fan of war movies in the context of learning a part of our history. I have watched "War Dogs of the Pacific" to learn about the sacrifice that canines gave during WWII. I watched "War Horse" with the same ideal. I read the book (via amazon kindle of course!) prior to watching movie. I grew up with a horse and they have always held a level of mystery for me. I read the book - a young adult book - and found the book to be a fair warning of the movie. I cried while reading the book and cried even more while watching the movie. There were scenes that were difficult to watch because you not only see the sacrifice that horses made during WWI but you see another animal actually forming a friendship and bond with another animal. That, to me, is was what made the movie so emotional.

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