Big Miracle

Big Miracle
This is a GREAT movie. It's the most enjoyable I've seen in a while. John Krasinski plays is exact character from "The Office", which is my favorite tv show. His character works really well in this movie. It was a heart warming magical movie. It's also really informative. You learn things about Greenpeace, whales, the Arctic, and Alaska oil drilling. This movie also has a humorous aspect worked in, which makes it more light hearted, and fun to watch.

Wow, our family really liked this movie. It was amazing how so many different kinds of people with competing "self interest" just decided to work together for something they all wanted. The whales plight captured the attention of the nation during the cold war. How fitting that even that could not survive the compelling cause to save the whales. We've watched it several times. If you want to see a powerful gripping story that is based on real life and inspires you this is it. Gotta see it as a FAMILY!!! Lots of positive influence of working together, finding common ground, going beyond initial commitments to do more than you promised just because it is the right thing to do. Even the villain changes...

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